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Cave of Wonders
Author:Matthew Kirby
PublisherScholastic Inc.
Publication Date:August 27th, 2013
Pages:190-192 (as in the other books)
Preceded By:Curse of the Ancients
Followed By:Behind Enemy Lines

Cave of Wonders is the 5th book in the series. It was written by Matthew J. Kirby and was released on August 27th, 2013.

Cover SummaryEdit

Europe is in the grip of the Dark Ages, but there is a light in the dark: Baghdad. The great city has become a center of learning, populated by scholars, merchants, and explorers from all across the known world. But danger lurks in the desert ... and Dak, Sera, and Riq must act fast to save the world's greatest library from utter destruction.

The book comes packaged with a full-color, two-sided, collectible Hystorian's Guide, a player's strategy guide to the online adventure.

Follow the map, study the Guide, and save history!

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