Riq Jones is a 16- year old Hystorian, who is a prodigy in languages. He can read, write, and speak 16 languages in all. He's also an expert in The Art Of Memory puzzle, as he was trained in it. Riq was sent with Dak Smyth and Sera Froste to travel back in time and fix the Great Breaks. His friendship with Sera increases with each book, since they have a thing in common. They both experience Remnants. Although Sera's Remnants is about her parents, Riq never told the two what his Remnants are about.

As for Dak, he and Riq don't get along that well. When they met they disliked each other immediately. Their arguments make the book more fun to read about, though at the end they become friends. In the "Iron Empire" riq stays with alexander the great and is known as hephaestion. Later in eternity riq finds sera and dak and throws them in prison thinking they are clones. He also is able to travel to the future after sera 's parents inserted a chip in his shoulder. When he travels to the future to prevent the AB Pacifists colonising the moon, he decided to find whatever remaining family he had. v